Make IT center is a new-level Hackspace.

Here you can learn, rent machines and operate them

What is MakeIT center?

MakeIT is a space with various equipment (CNC machines, 3D printers, laser machine, etc.). It is a place where you yourself or with our help can produce any part. Here you can rent instruments, design a prototype and make any project from a door handle to a drone
Here there are
Circuit-board work
- circuit-board work with PCB CNC

- IR-bake for SMD Assembly

- waveform, logic analyzer, soldering station
3D printing
- (araphorostic) photopolymer SLA

- (simple) filamentousFDM

- more than 12 materials in hand
- room for treatment

- polishing, cleanup, instruments set

- painting
Post 3D printing treatment
Laser cutting
- 1,5x1,5m operating field

-acrylic cutting and bending

- carton laser cutting

- plywood laser cutting
Bending of sheet metal
- bending of 0,5 - 4mm sheet metal with CNC

- 40 ton press power усилие пресса
Waterjet shaped cutting (CNC)
- stone, ceramic,glass waterjet cutting

- up to 100mm metal cutting

- 1,5x1,5m operating field
sharpening and milling
- manual milling cutter with a set of mills

- manual lathe machine

- thread cutting
Mill cutting (CNC)
- aluminium mill cutting

- wood mill cutting

- plastic mill cutting
- aluminium welding

- stainless steel welding

- steel welding (automatic, semi-automatic)
Painting (box)
- spray booth with an air extraction system

- aerograph, and ceiling for suspension of details
-drill, screwdriver, hammer, etc.

- a full set of bench tools with more than 40 items
How to rent equipment
Come to our center and login to the system
Deposit any sum of money
Now you can rent any machine station per minute just by scanning QR-code on it
You get access to the shop with high-end parts and supplies
Simple as that!
List of machines
More products
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More products
We will teach to work with any machine
Have the idea of a startup, but don't know where to begin? MakeIT Center holds practical workshops in groups or face-to-face. Our staff teaches and comprehensively explains how to work with any machine: a bandsaw and a trimming saw, 3D printers, lasers, milling machines and others.
Caring operators
There are 2-3 operators present in the center. You can know them by black warehouse coats and QR-code badges. Turn to them without hesitation if you need to rent a machine or ask a question on equipment. We are always around.
Comfy kitchen

Getting hungry take a break for lunch in MakeIT kitchen ­­— clean zone with a fridge, microwave, boiler and coffee machine. We'll provide you with an endless supply of biscuits at a bar.
Chill out room
Let loose after lunch in our сhill out room. For example, feel free to lie on a sofa, chill out in a beanbag chair, drink a coffee and even play a video game. Also, here behind a table, you can talk to your team about a project.
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