Automated is a franchise to incubate hardware projects. Here it is possible to rent equipment and create a prototype under the guidance of our operators or independently from a mere idea to alpha-version.

What is
The main goal is to develop engineering ideas and improve engineering education, contribute to the emergence of sophisticated startups and manufacturing facilities in regions.

Our goal is to provide a team with a perfect place with everything needed. is a 500m2 technological space where you can find all the equipment to make a prototype. Milling machines, 3D printers, welding equipment, CNC machines, and others.

How to create

Site preparation
- search of space
- renovation works
- service lines installation

Equipment procurement
Equipment adjustment
Training of staff (on-boarding) is an entry point of a region's integration into the engineering industry and the creation of new hardware products. What is the more, the place has all the necessary equipment, special training system, internal software that helps to implement LEAN culture into production.

Why an investor, region, country does need

The platform, being a part of a complete cycle, allows a region and a team to enter the R&D market.

It is a turnkey product that 'works out of the box' and doesn't require long setup. It already exists and works. All you have to do is to prepare a room, set equipment and connect it to our electronic control system.
Integration in R&D
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