MakeIT is an automated prototyping platform with all the necessary equipment.

The place where you can produce any part or a srartup
Produce different parts based on your design or sketch
An option of per minute machine rent
Come to our MakeIT center and log in
Pay any amount of money
Now you can rent any machine just by scanning a QR-code on it
You can get access to an internal shop with top parts and supplies

Rent a machine on the website or on the spot for 204 BYN per hour. . When logging in, a person gets to our system, then in the center where they undergo training to work with a needed equipment.

Employees of the center conduct lectures and master classes both individually and in groups. Training take place in the format of theory plus practice, for example, a lecture on 3D printing and prototyping, as well as lasers, milling machines. Moreover, students can enroll in an internship and then work full-time after graduation.

Produce custom-built parts
Produce diffirent metal and plastic parts based on your design or scetch. If you don't know how to start, we can consult and help you.
Project management and prototyping training
Staff conducts workshops both individually and in groups. The training combines theory and practice, for example, a lecture on 3D printing and prototyping, as well as on lasers, a milling machine.
Employees conduct theoretical lectures on all machine stations located in the center.
A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it? That's why we teach both theory and practice.
In the end, we consolidate skills with prototyping. Now you are ready to work on a startup.
How to make a prototype
Recommend to read our brief instruction to those who are just starting to learn the world of startups.
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CNC machine High-Z S 1000T
Here is the instruction of the milling machine High-Z S 1000T
MakeIT School - STEM educational platform

MakeIT School is a platform for learning 3D prototyping at your school to promote engineering among students.
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