platform conducts training in different vectors on project management from planning to and setting goals to practical work on CNC machines and 3D printing.

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Philosophy and principles of Lean production are the cornerstone of our work. Acting in accordance with the rules, you multiply the likelihood of a successful project.
Our courses
1. From an idea to a prototype
A course explaining the key points in project management, resource assessment, work planning and using LEAN tools to implement an idea.

2. Work on CNC

Practical course on work on CNC machines (3D mill / laser machine). Also includes CAD modeling training in Solid Works.

3. 3D prototyping
Practical course on work with 3D printers (SLA photopolymer technology and FDM filamentous technology)

+ CAD modeling
+ CAD modeling
8 trainings
20 hours
17 trainings
42,5 hours
28 trainigs
70 hours
+ Stress analysis

This course covers the practice of modeling in 3D CAD system Solid Works, the production of prototypes on 3D printers SLA and FDM technologies, crash test products, the subsequent stress analysis in SolidWorks with the identification of weaknesses, strengthening and re-prototyping.

Course on 3D prototyping
A course on stress analysis is attached to the 28-day intensive study on 3D prototyping with a bonus. The course program is a prototype case for the handle. You will go through all the stages of product development, starting from a sketch on paper and ending with a finished alpha version of the prototype.

3D sketching in CAD Solid Works

Learning to print on SLA / FDM printers

Prototype crash test

Stress analysis in SolidWorks. Identify weaknesses

Стресс-анализ в SolidWorks. Выявление слабых мест
Getting the final prototype

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